Africa-China by Teranga Valley is delighted to host the first Webinar on the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

What is BRI and what are the opportunities for African countries in the Private Sector ?

Experts Mr ZHU Ming and Mr BAO Barack will give a detailed discourse on this question in our Zoom Webinar on Thursday, 26th March, 19:45pm to 9pm Shanghai time.

Engage in a detailed presentation from the panel, followed by a Q&A live chat.

7:45-8:00pm (15 minutes): little training session how to use Zoom
8:00-8:05pm (05 minutes): Hosts welcome experts and attendees arrive in the chat room
8:05-8:20pm (15 minutes): Presentation by Zhu Ming
8:20-8:35pm (15 minutes): Presentation by Barack L.J. BAO
8:35-8:55pm (20 minutes): Q&A
8:55-9:00pm (05 minutes): Closing

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The Panelists: 

ZHU Ming is an Assistant Research Fellow at the Center for West-Asian and African Studies & Institute for Global Governance Studies of SIIS. He received his B.A. at the Shanghai East China Normal University (ECNU), M.A. at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), Ph.D of African history at the Shanghai Normal University.

ZHU specializes in the studies of globalization and development issue, the global powers’ Africa policy, China-African relations, international official development assistance (ODA) policy etc. He has been visiting scholars in Germany, South Africa and Zimbabwe, up to now he also has made academic field studies in various African nations, including Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, South Africa , Senegal etc.

Barack L.J. BAO is a cerebral, global-minded academic researcher on international affairs (e.g. CIIE, Belt and Road Initiatives, 2030 United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Developement Goals, US-China nexus, EU-China symbiotic ties, and Japan-China diplomatic paradigm beyond security dilemma, etc.)

He is a strategic Senior Translator and a strategic polyglot (English, French and Japanese) within the two organisations, i.e. Bund School and EMCC China. Barack holds a master’s degree in international affairs from School of Global Studies of University of Sussex and a professional certificate in Japanese-English Interpretation (preliminary) from Tokyo Kudan Institute.

His epistemological perspectives and international-relations theoretical framework are highly dependent upon critical theory and Frankfurt School, international neoliberalism, and so forth, and his methodologies entail quantitative and qualitative analysis and empirical analysis and interdisciplinary orientation.

His research pamphlets and academic essay are done as follows:
– Reading into China, Ancient Myths (2019)
– Reading into China, Historical Stories (2018)
– Global Structural Evaluation on the Multilevel Engagement of the Belt & Road Initiatives with the Monopolistic Neoliberal Governance Mechanism (2017)


Isabelle HANNOUCHE is a Senegalese entrepreneur in China since 2012. Founder of Teranga Trade (2014), Wegoo2China (2014), co-founder of Teranga Valley (2018), Africa Tours & Business (2019) & Africelerate (2019). Isabelle loves building up successful projects from scratch and gather people from different cultures and nationalities to make things happen!

She manages herself towards self-development and share the learned lessons with the community in order to lift up each other. Helping people and elevate the image of Africa are her primary passions.

HR at heart, Trader as a big part of her career, she never forgets where she comes from and has a contagious positivity and passion!

Kitso Rantao is communications strategist, content creator and entrepreneur who is passionate about social impact, sustainable development and telling compelling stories.  As producer and host of the Startup AFRICA Podcast, she profiles innovative start-ups, progressive businesses and disruptive entrepreneurial solutions impacting Africa, both on the continent and abroad. She is co-founder of Africelerate, a network of support services for Africa focused startups in China.

As a multi-lingual, multi-cultural South African living in Shanghai, she thrives in dynamic environments and uses her strong analytical and strategy development skills to start and meaningful projects in the China-Africa entrepreneurial  ecosystems.

Kitso is part of Teranga Valley volunteer Team because she believes in leveraging the experience of global citizens to learn, exchange and excel as a community of change makers and global entrepreneurs.

This is the first event of The Belt & Road series. Keep in touch for more events!

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